The trend of website design in Nepal is rapidly advancing. It used to be about just getting a website out there and displaying your products or services.

The preferences of clients regarding web design is completely new today. It’s all about user experience and getting more traffic to the website.

The solution to this is our creative website design services with a focus on UI/UX. This means that experts at Orbitech take the time to understand your requirements and bring them to life with new designs for the best user interface and experience possible.

Most importantly, we keep our clients closer by offering them a chance to be a part of the whole process. The idea of designing a website is to enable clients to showcase their products and services. And in most cases, even sell.

With experts on deck, we ensure the delivery of better quality websites.

Smart website design in Kathmandu

Your website is your brand’s identity. Orbitech ensures that your website never gets outdated.

How do we do that? By simply making our web design smart!

What does smart mean?

The trend of website design in Nepal is that every now and then a business feels the need to create a brand new website. That’s not entirely wrong and Google does love updated content.

However, your brand image is associated with your website. We do our best to eliminate the need for a brand new website by delivering modern-day design with room for adjustment and adaptation.

For this, we craft user-friendly and budget-friendly design by working smart. For example, you have a website with a dark theme. After a year, you might prefer to use a light color theme for your website.

Is it necessary to create a completely new web design for that?

Absolutely not! We can make such adjustments happen in no time.

Features of our website design

Most websites in Nepal have product or service display features while others also have payment integration features. As a client, we care about your preferences and business module.

In general, some must-have features in a website are:


Research suggests that 52.2% of total website traffic in the world was generated through mobile phones in the year 2018.

Responsive web design refers to the web design that renders well on a variety of screen sizes no matter the device. With the rapid advancement in smartphones, you can predict that the number of smartphone users goes up every year.

As a result, it becomes essential to create a responsive and user-friendly website.

Minimalist navigation

Over the years, navigation has been getting simpler due to the need for accommodation for extremely small devices. This is where our skills in smart web design come into play.

Navigation is extremely important from the user perspective. If your audience can’t navigate smoothly through your website, you lose engagement and that can reflect as numbers on your sale.

With minimalist navigation, we make sure to eliminate the factor of difficulty in usability.

For smooth and creative website design, it is important to use imagery with minimal text. There is a broad range of customer preferences but one thing is common for everyone – ease of use with minimalist navigation.

Smart color selection

Every little detail matters!

The theme and color of your website is an extremely crucial factor for your business. It reflects brand image and immediately sends an impression of your brand to the website visitors.

We figure out what suits your business and make use of that theme on the design.


When it comes to web design, it isn’t good enough until it is visually appealing. Your audience needs to connect and stay on your website. Typography plays a huge role.

Content is King!

We make sure to arrange texts and content in such a way that our clients can convey their messages and the users can connect to them.

Search-engine friendly

Your website needs to get some traffic from search engines. Or else, there’s no point in how it looks if no one ever finds your website.

Optimizing your websites for search engines in terms of UI/UX is very crucial. We can’t stress this enough!

With experts at work, we make sure that your website is indexed by search engines.

Cross-browser compatibility

There are several browsers in use today. People use their default smartphone/PC web browsers while also installing others like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.

It becomes extremely important for your web design to render in all browsers properly. Our experts check for the compatibility of web designs across several browsers to ensure user experience.

It’s time for your business to upgrade and thrive with some of the best web designs in Nepal. Feel the difference in passion, skill, and results with us.

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